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What Is Influx All About?

Influx is the world’s first system to automatically build subscribers lists and then multiply them again and again.

Let Me Ask You This QUESTION: What is the single one thing that is stopping you from making lots of money – today. You might think it’s traffic. We all need traffic right? Or it might be the complexity of selling online. List building… page builders…hosting…websites. The list is long. These things do make it harder, but in reality it is none of the above.

The single one thing that is stopping you from making lots of money today. Is the fact that you need to wait for other people to buy your product before you can earn a fee. That’s right. People need to buy a product before you get paid. But Guy – Isn’t That The “Natural” Way To Make Money? Yes it’s the way most people earn money online – by selling stuff. But here is the problem. There is always going to be a barrier that needs to be broken before people make a purchase. When a product costs something, there will always be an element of fear before people will make a purchase.

That’s because people are risk averse. They think about the money they might lose, not about the benefits they will gain. But when a product is free, There Is No Risk. Now Imagine There Was A System Where You Got Paid For People Downloading FREE Products. A System That Requires No: Websites, Products, Social Media, Videos, Advertising, Content Marketing. This is why Guy Potok, a 7-figure internet marketer, has created a system to bypass all of these hurdles. Introducing Influx.

It Works In 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Find the best free offers – they show you exactly how
Step 2: Which offers to place into the system
Step 3: Wait for the money to pour in.

At exactly the same time Influx also generates affiliate commissions for It’s customers. And that’s not everything – it also generates a special code that bypasses spam folders to land straight into your customers’ inboxes – this generates even more commissions for you straight away. There is nothing like it on the market today.

Influx Overview & Rating

Influx is the fastest way you'll find to generate hundreds of dollars without lifting a finger. It sends traffic into a Done For You system that's taken Guy Potok years to create and many thousands of dollars to perfect. It builds a subscribers list on autopilot and then sends them straight into offers. But that's not everything because Influx also multiplies these lists many times over. Then it creates a special code that bypasses any spam folders to make sure that the offers land in your customers in-boxes.

85 %
Ease of Use
95 %
90 %
Total Score

Here's What You Can Expect With Influx

  • This is the industry’s first product showing how to make a consistent $100 a day by getting other people to download a few free products.
  • Influx is based entirely on free traffic.
  • It is also entirely newbie friendly.
  • It is impossible to fail with this system – it’s so easy to use even complete newbies can make money with it.
  • Geographically independent, it can be run from anywhere.
  • Influx That Enables You To Choose from thousands of profit streams that pay you when your customers download free products.
  • Send hundreds of visitors to these profit streams using a FREE traffic method which they teach on the training. This works without fail, like clockwork. There is literally more traffic than you’ll know what to do with.
  • Receive commission cheques in the post every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Influx?

Are there really no monthly fees?

Will this work for newbies with no skills?

Is there training included?

Am I covered by a money back guarantee?

Does Influx require a website hosting or any other technical things?

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