Hey, my name is Ralf Hefter and I was born in Germany in September 1967.

I work as an self-employed Business & Mindset Coach. In private I am interested in personality development, fitness, nutrition, dogs, computers, software, series and books. I also love music: I play the guitar and compose my own songs.

But here on this website it's all about my new journey in online marketing. I started with it in September 2020, because I want to build up a second business leg for myself step by step. My goal is to generate passive income so that I don't have to exchange time for money anymore.

You can expect insights into my development as an online marketer. You will learn about the strategies I use to make money online. You will find reviews of internet marketing tools and programs and many training videos that will help you and your online business to reach the next level and there are many free tips and tricks.

Feel invited and follow me on the Avenue2Abundance.

Ralf Hefter